Risk Management: Inside Security Plans for Festivals

Festivals bring together large groups of people, often to open areas and venues, which requires a high level of security and protection by the organizers.

These types of events might be all about fun, but the fact that festival goers are out for a good time emphasizes the importance of preparation on behalf of the festival operators. This should be done in two ways: through a robust festival insurance program, as well as risk management measures such as security plans.

Security during festivals plays a significant role in ensuring the safety of everyone present. There are specific steps that can be taken to ensure security for the site and its visitors.

Security Personnel

Whether uniformed as security or incorporating additional steward roles, security personnel are effective in deterring antisocial or criminal activity, while offering a careful watch and fast alert response in the event of incidents or accidents.

Security personnel are useful for:

  • Searching (body and bag as appropriate)
  • Patrolling and boundary
  • Entrance and exit security
  • Communication (with the public and part of a team across large sites and busy festival events)
  • Maintaining order
  • Greeting at the beginning, to set the safe, secure tone of the event and guiding off-site at the end of the event, to promote safe exit and minimal antisocial behavior nuisance to neighboring properties.

When working with private security companies, however, it is important for festival organizers to be aware of some of the liabilities that can arise; these include reading contracts carefully to ensure that the liability does not fall entirely on them as well as taking measures to prevent violence from security personnel.

Security Structures

Whether for restriction or for traffic flow, temporary event fencing can be the key to pedestrian safety and security. Anti-climb mesh panel designs offer additional security against unwanted entry, therefore recommended for festivals. These structures are also available with pedestrian and vehicle gates to allow access for quick evacuation.

This key feature is valuable for perimeter security. Those who plan the perimeter must stay aware of this to make a significant difference in the quality of security the event offers.

Pedestrian barriers or crowd barriers are necessary in protecting individuals and event arenas by:

  • Separating areas – This is relative to the type of festival and may include isolating entertainment, waiting, queuing areas; preventing public from being pushed onto the stage, and crowd control to facilities.
  • Creating spaces – Creating main entrances to festival or event as part of the perimeter,  and can be used to designate activity areas inside the festival.
  • Creating cordons – Preventing pedestrian access to specific areas such as vehicle only or backstage areas.

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